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  • Thomas Maples
    Dealer Principal/ President

    Dealer Principal and owner since 1997. Husband and Father. Involved with the local community sponsoring numerous events to support the well being and improvement of Warsaw. 

    From sales to service here for you.

  • Monty Maples
    Owner/Office Manager

    Since 1998. Wife, Mother. The end road to all the paper work that this business produces. (And there is a bunch of it) Involved with the local community and its growth. Side by side with Tom, seeing to your satisfaction as a customer.

  • Christopher Baker
    Business manager

    Employee since 1999. Husband, Father and recently Grandfather. Prior U.S.A.F. veteran.

    Dedicated to meeting your car buying needs while offering products and services that protect your investment all with competitive financing solutions.

  • Roy Cason
    Senior Master Tech

    Since 1997. As a Senior Master Tech, Roy can do it all.

    There is a good chance you will run into Roy bowling a few Frames.

    For all your service needs

  • Doug Holland
    Certified Tech

    Since 2013, Doug specializes in front ends and electrical. He also has a flare for other makes and models. So if your needing help with that Chevy or Dodge he is your man.

    Doug enjoys playing a riff on the guitar, were not sure but he may be forming a band.

  • Donna Lippold
    Admin Assistant

    Since 1998. A key part of helping things moving in this paper work making machine.

    We didnt know you could make a hobby out of work, but we all know she prefers her gardening.

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